Shower or Tub/Shower Pressure Balanced Valve with Angle Checkstops, Copper Tube Connection
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Durable stainless steel balancing piston to equalize hot and cold supply pressures Built-in shutoff for single handle operation  
Removable one piece upper and lower valve seat, Internal parts of bronze and stainless steel, Cast wall flange and ligature resistant knob, polished chrome plated, Vandal resistant screws, Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSIG (860KPA) Adjustable high temperature limit stop set for 110ºF* (43ºC), Color coded dial, Off through Hot, with directional indicators, Angle Checkstops, Copper Tube Connection,  
Plaster-guard/thin wall mounting bracket included

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Inlets 1/2"
Outlet 1/2"
ASSE 1016