Single Probe Digital Temperature Alarm with Remote Alarm Delay Option (RDU)
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Primary Alarm Box includes: 
• Single Point Temperature Probe - Range: -148ºF to 212ºF Resolution: 1ºF 
• User adjustable high & low set points and initial alarm delay period 
• Audible & visual alarms 
• Remote alarm contacts (SPDT) with adjustable relay delay period 
• Min./Max. temperature values 
• NiMH battery back-up with trickle charger 
• 100 ohm RTD sensor w/4” stainless sheath & 10’ lead wire, 40’ recommended distance from controller to RTD, 
100’ is acceptable but there are provisions in the software to make an “OFFSET” adjustment should the distance 
alter the temperature. If more than 100’ is required we recommend adding the RDU option below which is capable 
of a distance of 500’ 
• UL listed 100-240VAC power supply w/10’ cord 
• VELCRO mounting strips provided 
• Electronic NIST traceable certificate of calibration on file 
Remote Alarm Delay Option Includes: 
• Activation by Primary Alarm’s (pictured above) remote alarm contacts 
• Alarm Delay Module with yellow, red, green LED indicators 
• UL listed 100-240VAC power supply w/10’ cord 
• Unit includes 9V NiMH rechargeable battery back up 
• User selectable timer 
• VELCRO mounting strips provided 
• Recommended maximum distance from controller to RDU is 500’

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