Washdown hose station complete assembly
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Single Temperature Stainless 
Steel Hose Station-Certified Lead Free 
Manual Blender - Type 316 Stainless Steel 
• 3/4" NPT Inlet with Stop & Check Valve - 
Red Heat Resistant Handle 
• 3/4" GHT Outlet - Hose Connection with 
Dial Thermometer (20 to 240ºF, -5 to 
• Stainless Steel Mounting Plate and Hose 
• ¾” Heavy duty Hose with Stainless Steel 
Fittings - 25’ Safety Yellow Hose with Anti- 
Microbial Exterior Coating 
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 PSI Hot 
• Stainless Steel Hose Nozzle with Heat 
Resistant Cover 
• Third Party Verified as Lead Free

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