Wax Lead free Complete Water Temperature Control Station
Model XL-690-LF
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High Low Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve with 0.5 GPM(1.9) l/min) minimum flow capacity, 1.0 GPM (3.8 l/min) to 
ASSE 1069. 1” inlets, 1-1/4” outlet (25mm x 32 mm). Integral combination check-stops with strainers and wall support. 125 PSI (8.6 BAR) maximum operating pressure. Copper encapsulated thermostatic element assemblies with Teflon coated shuttle. Temperature adjustment range, 90-140ºF (32-60ºC) **. Internal parts of stainless steel, rough bronze finish. Full port ball valve mounted downstream of test connection on mixed water outlet of the system. Inlet piping with full port ball valves and dial thermometers (20 to 240°F,-7 to 116°C on hot supply, 0 to 140°F,-10 to 60°C on cold supply) on hot and cold supply inlets. Return piping, ¾”, with aquastat, circulator (TACO 0013), dial thermometer (0 to 140°F, -10 to 60°C), balancing valve (with positive shutoff) to balance system, and check valve. Bypass piping, ¾” with check valve and isolation ball valve to 
cold inlet of mixing valve. System mounted on strut, galvanized. Strut shall be assembled with three hole flange angle plate on corners, four hole tee plates 
or two hole flat plate connectors on all other support pieces using 3/8” grip lock nuts and 3/8” x 1” hex head cap screws, 
washers and lock washers. Factory pre-assembled and tested as a complete system. All electrical connections to be completed by Electrical Contractor. 
Valve assembly is certified to meet Low-Lead 
requirements of wetted surface area containing 
less than 0.25% lead by weight. All other fittings 
and components, the sum total of which comprise 
the wetted surface of this product contains less 
than one quarter of one percent of lead by weight.

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ASSE 1017 (Valve Only)
ASSE 1069 (Valve Only)