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Every month our customer service department will post one new question that has come up during the month that they believe will may help you troubleshoot an existing product or provide insight on a new product available.

Q: Does Leonard offer any products that are LEED® certified?
A: No, we do not, nor does any other company. Unfortunatley there is a lot of misinformation in the market regarding the LEED® requirements and terminology. For LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), no products are “LEED® certified”, only buildings can become LEED® certified. Individual products can be used towards the calculation for specific sections of LEED®. For Leonard, we offer a low flow showerhead that provides 1.5 GPM of flow (which is a 40% reduction from the industry standard of 2.5 GPM). If you have specific questions on accreditation and other facets of LEED®, we suggest that you contact the U.S. Green Building Council directly at

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