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Q: When there is no demand in a system (such as in the middle of the night in a hotel and no one is showering, etc), how do you prevent temperature creep and/or temperature loss?
A: The first and most important point of this discussion is that the balancing valve is the key to properly maintaining the domestic loop temperature during periods of no demand. It should be clearly noted that during times of no demand, you have a closed loop system. With no draw on the system, you cannot add additional cold water, so you have to utilize the return water and the stored hot water to maintain the desired loop temperature. It is the balancing valve that is the key. It allows for the proportional mix of the recirculated tempered water, and directs some of the return water back to the hot water source and some to the mixing valve. It is this blending (of constant return temperature water) that helps to maintains the domestic loop during times of no demand. At times of no demand, if you allowed 100% of the recirc water (tempered line) to return to the hot water tank, this would ultimately bring the domestic loop up to tank temperature. Conversely, if you closed the balancing valve and sent 100% of the recirc water back to the mixing valve, this would ultimately bring the domestic loop down to ambient temperature. It should be noted that different valves and manufactures may require alternate piping methods to handle the recirculated hot water, and you should always refer to the Operations & Maintenance Manual of that specific product to ensure that it is piped according to the manufacturer's suggested piping method.

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