Technical Support

Every month our customer service department will post one new question that has come up during the month that they believe will may help you troubleshoot an existing product or provide insight on a new product available.

Q: If I had a master mixing valve installed a few years ago, and we have not performed any maintenance since, do we need to replace the entire mixing valve if the handle is stuck now?
A: Likely not. For many thermostatic mixing valves, some simple maintenance can rejuvenate the mixing valve and return it to proper working condition. If you search for the installed model on our website, you will be able to download the product’s Operation & Maintenance Manual. With this manual, you will find a guide to performing the installation, maintenance and also the product’s parts breakdown. For your “stuck” valve, once you dissemble the valve, you can easily clean the components in a vinegar and water mixture, or use other cleaning products such as CLR, Lime-Away, etc. Allow the solution to clean the parts, rinse them off, and then you will be able to assemble and reset your valve the desired functional condition. We would also suggest that the mixing valve be placed on a standard maintenance schedule. With simple maintenance, and all mixing valves do require some level of maintenance, many valves can last for the life of the building.

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