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Cabinet Assembly - LV-296-20-LF

Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve with 2.5 GPM (5.6 l/min) minimum flow capacity, ¾” inlets, ¾” outlet (19 mm x 19mm), Integral combination checkstops with wall support, 125 PSI (8.6 BAR) maximum operating pressure, Copper encapsulated thermostatic assembly with Teflon coated stainless steel shuttle, Locking temperature regulating handle, Internal parts of stainless steel, brass, bronze. Integral wall support for easy mounting, Rough Bronze Finish, Adjustable high temperature limit stop set for 110ºF (43ºC), Bottom inlets, Side outlet, Ball valve on outlet, Color-coded dial thermometer (25 to125ºF, 0 to 50ºC), Vacuum breaker, Factory assembled and tested Recessed Stainless steel cabinet door left hand hinge cylinder lock Complies to ASSE 1017
Inlets 3/4"
Maximum Flow(GPM) 25
Minimum Flow(GPM) 2.5
Outlet 3/4"
Overall Depth 8"
Overall Height 18"
Overall Width 12"
Baked White Exposed Cabinet BWE-EXP
Baked White Recessed Cabinet BWE-REC
Baked White Semi Recessed Cabinet BWE-SEMI
Chrome Plated Finish CP
Rough Bronze Finish RF
Stainless Steel Exposed Cabinet STSTL-EXP
Stainless Steel Recessed Cabinet STSTL-REC
Stainless Steel Semi Recessed Cabinet STSTL-SEMI
Top Inlets TOP
Megatron Nucleus Installed