Four port Point of Use - Model 170D-LF

Certified to ASSE 1070 to control down to 0.25 GPM

 Certified Lead-Free* construction
Lead-Free bronze body

Integral inlet checks and stainless steel screens

 Integral by-pass port, cap supplied if not used

 Vandal resistant locknut to prevent accidental adjustment

 Easy 3/8” tubing or flex hose installation
 Minimum flow: 0.25 GPM (0.95 l/Min) Certified to ASSE

 Maximum flow: 4 GPM

 Maximum pressure: 125 PSI (8.6 BAR)

 Maximum hot water temperature: 180°F (82°C)

 Hot water inlet temperature range: 120-180°F (49-82°C)

 Cold water inlet temperature range: 33-80°F (1-27°C)

Temperature adjustment range: 95-120°F (35-49°C)


Chrome Plated Finish CP
Megatron Nucleus Installed