LF Point of Use High Capacity - 270-4PS-LF

•Minimum flow 1 GPM *
•1” inlet / 1-1/4” outlet connections (copper tube)
•Inlet and outlet unions on all 4 valves
•Locked temperature adjustment cap (vandal resistant)
•Copper encapsulated thermostat assembly with polymer thermoplastic shuttle
•Integral check valves on hot and cold inlets of each valve
•Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSI (860 KPA)
•Dial thermometer (range 0 to 140°F, -10 to 60°C) on mixed water outlet of the system
•Temperature adjustment range, 90-140ºF (32-60ºC) **
•Full port ball valve mounted downstream of each valve
•Inlet piping with full port ball valves on hot and cold supply inlets
•Ability to service valves and keep flow to building
•System mounted on galvanized strut
•Factory pre-assembled and tested as a complete system
Inlets 1"
Minimum Flow(GPM) 1
Outlet 1 1/4"
Inlet Thermometers IT
Test Connection TC
Megatron Nucleus Installed