The Neutron Electronic (Digital) Emergency Mixing Valve

The Neutron - ENV-6100-LF

This electronic, True Digital, High-Performance Emergency Mixing Valve is the first ASSE 1071 certified digital emergency mixing valve on the market, and a Leonard Valve Exclusive!

The Neutron is easy to set up and has self-balancing, self-cleaning and self-diagnosing features; when maintenance is needed, it sends an error message to the screen to alert the user. With the optional back-up power supply, The Neutron will stand ready for an uninterruptable 2 hours of run time in the case of primary power loss. Always ready in times of emergency, The Neutron remains prepared during times of low/no system demand, using 0.0 GPM* while keeping water temperature within +/- 2 °F of temperature set-point. ASSE 1071 and CSA certified. 

*When properly installed near the hot water source with a continuously operating recirculation pump at 5 GPM.

80 GPM Minimum Output 80+ GPM
Cold Water Bypass 40 GPM
Inlets 1 1/4"
Maximum Supply Pressure 125 PSIG (862KPA)
Outlet 1 1/2"
Overall Depth 8"
Overall Height 14"
Overall Width 20"
Weight 30 pounds
Back up Power Supply up to two hours in case of power loss BPS
Megatron Nucleus Installed