Cabinet Assembly

LF Point of Use - Model 370-LF-STSTL-REC

ECO-MIX ™ Lead Free Bronze body, Locked temperature adjustment cap (vandal resistant) Copper encapsulated thermostat assembly with polymer thermoplastic shuttle Stainless steel springs Buna-N: O'rings, Integral check valves on hot and cold inlets PRESSURE-TEMPERATURE: Maximum Hot Water temperature: 200°F- (93°C) Approach Temperature 5°F (2.8°C) above set point.
Inlets 3/4"
Maximum Flow(GPM) 8
Minimum Flow(GPM) 0.5
Outlet 3/4"
Baked White Exposed Cabinet BWE-EXP
Baked White Recessed Cabinet BWE-REC
Ball Valve BV
Dial Thermometer on Outlet DT
Stainless Steel Exposed Cabinet STSTL-EXP
Stainless Steel Recessed Cabinet STSTL-REC
Top Inlets TOP
Megatron Nucleus Installed