Emergency Mixing Valve for Single/Multiple Drench Shower and Eye/Eye Face Wash Units - EXL-800-LF

Single/Multiple Emergency Drench Shower Combination Units - EXL-800-LF

This High-Performance Thermostatic Emergency Mixing Valve is designed for drench shower/eye/face wash applications and can be set to the correct temperature for user application.

The EXL-800-LF Paraffin Technology EMV will shut down on failure of cold water supply and has a special, internal cold water bypass capable of a minimum of 20 GPM (75.7 L/min) @ 30 PSI (2.1 Bar) upon failure of hot water supply. 

With an adjustable high temperature limit stop [set for 90°F (32°C)], and locking temperature regulator to prevent accidental movement you can depend upon the EXL-800-LF for both safety and performance.
Cold Water Bypass 20 GPM
Inlets 1"
Maximum Supply Pressure 125 PSIG (862KPA)
Minimum Supply Pressure 30 PSI (2.1 BAR)
Outlet 1 1/4"
Megatron Nucleus Installed