Wax LV-322 Cabinet Assembly

LF Cabinet Assembly - LV-322-981A-LF-STSTL-REC

ECO-MIX ™ Thermostatic water mixing valve with Copper encapsulated thermostatic assembly with, Teflon coated shuttle, Combination checkstops, unions on inlets, wall support, Locking temperature regulating handle, Tempered outlet ball valves, Color coded dial thermometer (0 to140ºF, -10º to 60ºC), Temperature adjustment range, 90-140ºF (32-60ºC), Recessed cabinet, with door, left hand hinge and flange, cylinder lock, Bottom inlets, top outlet, with cold water by-pass tee, ball valve. Factory assembled and tested Valve assembly is certified to meet Low-Lead requirements of wetted surface area containing less than 0.25% lead by weight. All other fittings and components, the sum total of which comprise the wetted surface of this product contains less than one quarter of one percent of lead by weight.
Inlets 3/4"
Maximum Flow(GPM) 43
Minimum Flow(GPM) 2.5
Outlet 3/4"
Overall Depth 8"
Overall Height 24"
Overall Width 18"
Baked White Exposed Cabinet BWE-EXP
Baked White Recessed Cabinet BWE-REC
Chrome Plated Finish CP
Inlet Thermometers IT
Right Hand Hinge RHH
Stainless Steel Exposed Cabinet STSTL-EXP
Megatron Nucleus Installed