Bi-Metal Master Mixing Valve with Cabinet Assembly

Lead Free Recirculation Piping Assembly - TM-186-26-LF-DT-RF-R34-ESS

ECO-MIX ™ Group/Individual Shower Control Unit, Thermostatic water mixing valve, Dura-trol solid bimetal thermostat directly linked to valve porting to control the intake of hot and cold water and compensate for supply temperature or pressure fluctuations. Dura-trol is highly responsive and cannot be damaged by extremes in temperature. Adjustable high temperature limit stop set for 120F (49C), integral checkstops, on inlets wall support, plastic handle. Outlet ball valve, Thermometer on outlet assembly, 3/4" return loop with thermometer, ball valve, 3/4" Leonard ARV automatic return valve, (return limiter), check valves on either side of ARV. Complete unit mounted in an exposed stainless steel cabinet. Valve assembly rough bronze finish, factory assembled and tested, see flow capacity chart. NOTE: SFI and RPI options NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN SELECT MODEL CABINETS, 9/14. Valve assembly is certified to meet Low-Lead requirements of wetted surface area containing less than 0.25% lead by weight. All other fittings and components, the sum total of which comprise the wetted surface of this product contains less than one quarter of one percent of lead by weight.
Inlets 3/4"
Outlet 3/4"
Overall Depth 9"
Overall Height 26"
Overall Width 24"
Return Piping Size 3/4"
Baked White Exposed Cabinet BWE-EXP
Baked White Recessed Cabinet BWE-REC
Stainless Steel Recessed Cabinet STSTL-REC
Megatron Nucleus Installed